2024 Youth Spring Hockey Camps and Clinics

The following clinics are open for registration!

2 x 2 Hockey For Fun League

5 x 5 Educational Hockey League

Overspeed/Power Skills Clinic

Contact & Checking Clinic

2 x 2 Hockey For Fun League

Program Overview:

The AMH “2×2 Hockey for Fun” League is designed, to continue hockey players development, during the Spring time, in fun and controlled environment. Where our participants can create and register their own team of 6 players maximum and one goalie. All games are in our Training Rink, which will increase players development dramatically. It is a smaller rink than the regular size rink and players will be challenged, by always be under pressure from their opponent to control the puck and make a play in a lot of traffic and quicker decision-making environment. No coaches on the benches, which will challenge players to communicate internally and make important decisions on their own …


· BY 2013’s-2011’s Division

· BY 2010’s-2008’s Division

Game Times:

BY’s 2013-2011: Saturday 2:40 PM or 3:50 PM & Sunday 11:00 AM or 12:10 PM

BY’s 2010-2008: Saturday 5:00 PM or 6:10 PM & Sunday 1:20 PM or 2:30 PM

**Each team will play at either time listed above on Saturday & Sunday’s Final schedule will be communicated to all registrants ONE week prior to start of program.


· The only four teams are able to register in each division

· Each team MUST be created from 6 skaters (maximum) and four players (minimum) plus 1 (minimum) and 2 (maximum) goalies

· Registered GOALIES MUST play the GOALIE position ONLY. If the goalie can’t attend the game or get injured, one of the players MUST take his spot in the net

· The individual “players pool” will be created to allow individual skaters and goalies to register for this program. In case the program needs to create one more team. This team will be created from individual “players pool” registrations. Please note that the individual skaters and goalies are NOT guaranteed placement on the team and will be reimbursed if he/she can’t participate.

Winners will receive a $5.00 gift card to Chick-fil-A as an award for first place.

5 x 5 Educational Hockey League

Program Overview:

The “Educational Hockey League” is designed to teach 8, 9, and 10-year-olds how to play full ice hockey games by USA Hockey rules and regulations in a fun and controlled environment.

Birth Year’s: 2016’s, 2015’s, 2014’s

Ice Time – 6:10p-7:10p

· Day – Wednesday’s

· Dates: 10-Apr, 17-Apr, 24-Apr, 1-May, 8-May, 15-May, 22-May, 29-May

Overspeed/Power Skills Clinic

Available Dates:

4/11 – 5/30 – Payment PER session/week. 

Eligible Age Groups:




6:10 PM to 7:10 PM (8U – 11U)

7:20 PM to 8:20 PM (12U-16U)


Checking & Contact Clinic


4/9-5/28 – Payment PER Session/Week

Eligible Age Groups:




6:10 PM to 7:10 PM (9U-12U)

7:20 PM to 8:20 PM (13U-16U)


Spring Goalie Clinics

Age Group/Dates:

8U-12U: 4/11-5/30

14U – 18U: 4/9 – 5/28


All Sessions will be held at the above dates at 6:00 PM on the Training Rink.