When: Wednesdays after Learn To Skate from 6:10 PM to 6:40 PM from April 12th to May 17th

Where: The Atlanta Ice House Gym (next to the training rink)

What: Off-ice is an important part of a skater’s routine, so we have created this series for you! Our program combines elements of dance, aerobics, and flexibility to bring skaters off-ice training opportunities. It features the National Dynamic Warm-up, hip-hop and ballet components, cardio exercise, and stretching in a fun and engaging environment!

Who: All skaters (any age and level) interested in learning how to properly combine the physical and mental basics of body control and elasticity through off-ice practice

Instructors: Tatiana Kozmava (Skating Academy Director) & Raymond Kalra (Learn To Skate Director)

Price: $120 for a six-week series or $20 per session

Class Information: The series will be closed for parents. *We will invite parents to watch the final day of class!

*Pending if a full choreographed dance can be arranged, as well as how many students enroll for the full series!

We are elated to bring you this new class, and we have many exciting plans for how we will elevate our off-ice training and creativity outlets!