General Manager/ Premier Head Coach – Tyler Casillo
Hockey Operations – Sean Bernhardt
Goalie Coach – Owen Clark

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Director of Youth Hockey – Yan Kaminsky

  •  SQ 10 U Premier H.C. – Rick Bennett/A.C. Cameron Burns
  • PW 12U Premier H.C. – Tristan Gagner
  • BA 14U Elite H.C. – Cameron Burns
  • NB BA 14U Premier H.C. – Tim Brownell
  • MD 16U Premier H.C. – Yan Kaminsky

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Madhatters Skating Academy Director – Tatina Kozmava

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The Management Office, located inside The Atlanta Ice House, oversees all retailers, restaurants and service providers.
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1. Control your speed, giving the right of way to those in front of you. Weaving in and out of other skaters is prohibited.
2. Sitting on the boards or entering the player’s benches is prohibited. Please skate with the flow of skaters at all times.
3. Carrying children, hanging on to others, or creating trains is prohibited.
4. Playing tag or tossing clothes or other objects is prohibited.
5. Throwing debris or spitting on the ice is prohibited. Profanity and abusive behavior is not allowed.
6. Hockey sticks or pucks are not allowed on the ice during public skate.
7. Only individuals with skates are allowed on the ice. No shoes permitted on the rink surface.
8. Skating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
9. Electronic devices and cell phones may not be used while on the ice. If taking a picture, please stop skating and move to the edge of the rink.
10. Walkers can only be used by novice skaters in the beginner skating area. No advanced skaters may use walkers.
11. Food or drink is not allowed on the ice.
12. Rink guards may issue time outs to anyone who repeatedly violates rules. Severe infractions may result in suspension from facility use.
13. Rules are subject to change; all rules are not listed. Any behavior deemed unsafe or inappropriate will not be tolerated.
Please be considerate of one another’s health and safety and act accordingly. Ice skating involves some risk. The Atlanta Ice House is not liable for any injuries that may result from this activity.

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Owner/Personal Trainer – Robert Dothard

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